The war against Hamas and the volunteers (5)

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I present another batch of photographs taken on November 23 at the huge volunteer center in Tel Aviv, which continues to operate. Among those with whom I had the opportunity to communicate were some people I had met more than once over the course of a month and a half, as well as new ones, including those who came from Canada and America.

Moshe Avanson from …

Amir Efrati (on right) 38 y.o., one of the founders of the volunteer organization “Eran’s Angels” and Ohad Ben Hamo from Ramat Gan, 38 y.o

Olga Maryaner, a doctor, Israeli citizen since 1989, moved to Montreal 10 years later. Now she have arrived to Israel for a month. Volunteers at the Expo center and Tel Hashomer Hospital. She stayed with friends in Kfar Saba.  I ask those who know Olga to tell her to contact me at

Eden Lev from Tel Mond, 24 y.o., Softwate engineer in idf

Maria Fukalova from Bat Yam, 3 years in Israel, works at ZARA store and Lada Samoilova from Jaffa, 22 years in Israel, travel agent

Neta Frenkel from Tel Aviv, 28 y.o. and Icho Tibi from Tel Aviv, 37 y.o.

Shira Kass from Tel Aviv and Yuli Pikman from Rehovot

On the right is Adar Levy from…

Yael Tamir from…

Nilli Cohen from Tel Aviv. I am a book professional and currently I am the head of a literary agency based in Tel Aviv.  I was born in Tel Aviv.  My parents immigrated in the thirties of the last century from Latvia and Chisinau.  At home they spoke Russian and a little Yiddish.  With the children only Hebrew

Miri Kedem from…

Sagit Bar-Aviom from…

Ari Farkas and his sonCame from Brooklyn for 5 days

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Eitan Amiel from Jaffa and…

Olga Goller from Lod

On the right is Moshe Fried from…

Moshe Fried and…

Technion students

Nurit Agami from …, singer

Photos November 30

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From the editor of belisrael

 The story about the work of the volunteer center at Expo for more than 1.5 months took a lot of time and effort. If someone will send more pictures, they will be also published on the site.

 But now it’s time to move on and start implementing a huge project that will take a year and a half, and most likely even more, and it requires the participation of many people, specialists from different fields: translators, journalists, webmasters and designers, programmers, organizers… and also considerable amount of finance.

 I plan to collect video stories of 3-5 minutes in Hebrew from relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and colleagues, about each of the approximately 1,400 who were killed at the hands of hamas terrorists on October 7th, with subtitles in Russian and English. Probably, some stories will be in Russian or English, then they will be accompanied with subtitles in the two other languages.

 Presumably, each episode will contain 20 stories and several songs in Hebrew, English and Russian, dedicated to the Israeli, and Jewish tragedy, the new Holocaust of the 21st century.

Square of the Kidnapped. December 3, 16:43

Relatives of 34-year-old Yagev Buchshtab, who is in captivity

Friends of 22-year-old Alon Ahal

Kobi Ahal, Alon’s father

Photos December 3, 16:44 – 17:13

At the same time, a story will be told about those who were freed from the terrorist captivity, as well as about those who continue to be in it, as always reminded by relatives, friends and a huge number of Israelis who come daily to the “Square of the Kidnapped” in Tel Aviv next to the Museum of Fine Arts.

 I’m waiting for responses to the proposal, and above all, from those who are interested to take part in the project.

Also in Russian and Hebrew

We’ll win together!

Am Israel Chai!

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