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The war against Hamas and the volunteers (7)

Continuation. For previous materials click herehereherehere, here and here

Its already started the 4th month since that terrible day of October 7th. From October 31 to the end of 2023, 172 IDF soldiers were killed during the ground operation in Gaza. The first days of the New Year we didn’t count much losses, but over the last two days 10 more names were added, and in total on the morning of January 11, 97 days since the war started, 185 soldiers were killed.

In my last sixth article I continue to talk about Israel’s war against the Hamas killers and their patrons from the “free” world, about the volunteers work and alot was said about the dead Israeli heroes. About some of them it was told very detailed. The article contains many photographs, including from funerals, videos, memories of loved ones and interviews on television.
Of course, this is incredibly tiring work that had to be done from early morning until late evening, often ending well after midnight and sometimes lasting the entire next day. Espesially when you do it in 3 languages. In addition, a number of problems occured; Not all the videos from YouTube were accepted by the website; it accepted them in one place, but not in the other. I explain it so that readers understand why the video itself is not included, but only a hyperlink. I decided that I would hold out until the end of 2023.
In the coming year, of course, it is impossible to maintain such a rhythm alone, and I hope that there will be some who will join in, and then together it will gradually be possible to tell about every Israeli hero.

In the 7th photographic material, I continue to tell about the largest volunteer center, located at the EXPO Center in Tel Aviv, where people continue to come from various countries.

Maya Lior Moscowitch from Tel Aviv

volunteers from America

and also from America

Michael Wolf, 46 years old, doctor from Atlanta, daughter Tali, studying in Jerusalem and wife Yael

Alex Strogach from Tel Aviv. 10 years in Israel, came with her parents from Moldova.

Students from America. Unfortunately, I accidentally did not remember the information that the guys wrote down in my contacts. I ask those who know them to tell them to write to me at amigosh4@gmail.com

Orly Moyal and Joni from Tel Aviv

Israelis Noa … and Afik …, Davin … from England

Israeli Ido … and American Sarah Cohen, 28 years old, from Waterloo

On the left is Maya Yitzhac from Tel Aviv. Near volunteers from America

Filipino Liza Azil helping her ward Dan from Tel Aviv

Also in Hebrew and Russian

Published January 11, 2024, 11:07 am


On January 11, a group of American and Canadian Jews who arrived on a 5-day solidarity visit arrived at the Angels of Eran volunteer center immediately after landing.

Josh Zucker, 48 years old, from New York, bank employee, learning Russian

Simon Lang, 23 years old, a student from New York. Arrived for 3 weeks

Alisa Daly, 42 years old, from Toronto, speaks Hebrew

Shawn Goldberg, 52 years old, accountant from Toronto, speaks Hebrew

Courtney Fishman from Cleveland, speaks Hebrew and Shawn Goldberg

Charlotte Zucker from New York, Marcia Kahnowitz from California and Vanessa Leibowitz from Atlanta

Marcia Kahnowitz and Vanessa Leibowitz

Josh Zucker with his daughter Charlotte

Daniel and Benjamin Leibowitz from Atlanta

and here are alot of delicious pizzas, delivered by the guests

grandfather and grandson Klein

Adam Leibowitz from Atlanta

Already familiar 30 years old Tomas Guttman from New York, who arrived until February


Shaina, Vanessa, Daniel, Benjamin and Adam Leibowitz

20 years old Shaina Leibowitz

Rachel, Policy Analyst at AIPAC, Jeff and Amber Rosen (attorneys) from San Francisco

DJ Ravid Solan

Marcia Kahnowitz

Mayeer Pearl, 49 years old, from Toronto

Pao Silberman from Tel Aviv, an artist

Happy Julia Klein

Julia’s exhausted son Ari

Emily Mallin and her 16 years old daughter Saturn Klein

George Klein

George and Ari Klein

Farewell picture. Tamara Haimov in the front

Bat Sheva Labowr Stoll, 26 years old, and Yohan Halua, 26 years old, a doctor fron New York, came before a week

Tamara Haimov, Sabrina Naggar and her son Joshy, 19 years old, a student from London, arrived for a week

Ronni Ben Shitrit from Beit Shean and Guy Matul, 28 years old from Petach Tikva, volunteers from Playtika Company (Herzeliya)

Sivan Katz from Tel Aviv, a volunteer from Playtica company (Herzeliya)

with the samovar, the journalist Taniya Tomer and the tourism industry workers Luda Kupstaitis Kushnir and Lada Samoilov

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The people that responsible for preparing the delicious food

volunteers from Deetfield, Ilinois: Joe Kaszynski, Shai, Shelly and Nehama

Daniel Marschinke, 25 years old, from Minneapolis, … … from Tel Aviv and Thomas Guttman, 30 years old, from New York.

Those who came to Israel under the Masa program: Leeor Hartal, 18 years old, from Chicago, Dima, 36 years old, from Kyiv, worked as a television journalist and 36 years old Jonathan Shavit, born in Ramat Gan, when Jonathan was 4 years old, his parents moved to Holland, lives in Rotterdam

Thiago Kimelblat from Brazil, 35 years old,

Have an MBA in International Relations and MBA in Business Management at FGV. Also a full stack developer and project manager.

One and a half years in Israel, lives in Tel Aviv. Looking for job

Volunteers from Playtika Company (Herzeliya)

from left to right: Itamar Weller, Lian Roden, Liron Lichtenstein, Liran Sheinbox, Nadav Hos, Raz Rosh, Amit Ninio and Netanel Adar

near the wall with the pictures of the Israeli kidnapped by the Hamas terrorists

Alyson Fieldman with daughters Liora (left) and Eliana from Clevelend, Ohio

In the middle of the group from Clevelend, Meredith Weiss. Speaks Hebrew

Also in Russian and Hebrew

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Doron Katz Family of Teaneck, New Jersey

Noam (left) and Gabriel Katz

Yossi (housing broker) from Tel Aviv

Alana Green with her daughter from New Jersey

  Yafit Ben Moshe and Nadav Moshes

Volunteers from Playtika Company (Herzeliya)

Nadav Moshes, Dalit Bar Grabarsky, Ariel Avon, Yuval Palman, Sagi Dekel, Yafit Ben Moshe

15 years old Adir Schwartz from Philadelphia

On the right is 40 years old Joshua Mover from Toronto, a professor of communications, in Israel for a week, five more to come. Arrived in the Masa program

Sabari Joshua, 38 years old, is a thoracic medicl oncologist and wife Dalia from New Jersey. They speak Hebrew

Liel Pelleg from Tel Aviv

Already familiar 36 years old Yonatan Shavit from Rotterdam

The same 30 years old Thomas Guttman from New York.

Photos January 23


57 years old Andy Katz from Hertz, UK

23 years old Ben Steinfeld from Amsterdam. Came to volunteer with his mother

Volunteers who came from the Israeli south

Jennifer Dray (right) from Miami and Phyllis from New York

Valerie Mirvis from Teaneck, New Jersey. Came to volunteer with husband Eitan for 2 weeks

18 years old Sam Pittman from New Jersey and 18 years old Liat Levone from Maryland.  Came to study in September for a year

Photos January 24

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Rebecca Nathan, 22 years old, repatriate from Cape Town, South Africa. I live in Tel Aviv, I have now finished my studies and am looking for a job

Volunteers from Playtika Company (Herzeliya)

Gilai Levi from Playtika Company (Herzeliya)

Mathieu Eitany-Malo, 25 years old, from Canada, 6 weeks in Israel, arrived in the Masa program. Correctional officer in Canada

Yuval Hess, 28 years old, from Bern, Switzerland, repatriated 4 months back before the war with Hamas. Worked at random jobs, now in ulpan, speaks Hebrew.

Ofir Halperin from Playtika Company (Herzeliya)

Photos January 28

Added January 31, 2024, 12:56

Also in Russian and Hebrew


I turn to volunteers from different countries who help at the Expo center or other places (hospitals, etc.) to send pictures with a story about themselves and how they feel in Israel at the present time and how important it is now to come to Israel to a solidarity visit.
I ask the Israeli volunteers to send photographs that they take themselves along with the captions of the names in Hebrew and English.