The war against Hamas and the volunteers (8)

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In these rainy winter days, the solidarity visits of Jews from different countries continues.  Some come for a week or two, and some for a longer period.  At the Expo volunteer center, you can always meet an individual or groups who came to Israel through the Masa program. In addition of getting to know the country, everyone enjoyed a veriaty of delicious food.

On the left is Victoria Steinbrecher from Vienna and her boyfriend Simon Zeider. Adventurers, traveled the world by bicycle for past 3 years. On the right is Regina Leibengrub from Baltimore, a nurse, speaks Russian very well

Jason Robbins

Jason and Alex Robbins from Florida

Rebecca Nathan, 22 years old, repatriate from Cape Town, South Africa. I live in Tel Aviv, I have now finished my studies and am looking for a job

Rebecca Nathan and Ben Kamp, 22 years old from Geneva, 4 years in Israel, lives in Tel Aviv

From left to right: Aaron Goldschmidt, 22 years old, from Arizona, Sam Miller, 22 years old, from Chicago and Ethan Valunetz, 22 years old, from Indiana. All came through Masa program in August

Jordan Altounian, teacher from New York

Olivier Goldhar, 27 years old, from Toronto, came for six weeks through Masa program

Toby Olins, 26 years old, from London, an English teacher. Arrived through Masa program in Bat Yam

David Menchel, 45 years old, from New York, a lawyer, speaks Hebrew,  arrived  for a week

Pictures of February 4

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Kapucine Dias. I live in France, around Paris, I’m 26, arrived with Masa for 6 weeks in Israel. I’m student and worker

Sandra Goldfinger from Tel Aviv

From left: Mendel Isaak, 23 years old, from New York, Vallerstein Priscila, 31 years old, from Brasil, … … (?) and Nathan Singer, 32 years old from Boston,  work in Hitech, Masa for 6 weeks in Tel Aviv

Sam Pittman, 18 years old from New Jersey. Im on a program spending the year in israel before I go to an american college. I love to volunteer here

Teag Zul, 19 years old, from Tel Aviv and mum Jo

Mendel Isaak from New York

Kyle Newman, 22 years old, from New York.  Arrived with Masa for 6 weeks. Staying in Tel Aviv. I speak Hebrew. I have family here in Kfar Vitkin and many friends. I love Israel and Im making Aliyah this year and enlisting in the army

Volunteers from EL AL Airlines


Mei Sommer, 32 years old, from Wisconsin. Im here with Masa in Tel Aviv for 6 weeks.
My profession is Phlebotomy. Im here to support Israel

Gal Fridman, 33 years old from Toronto. I have business in Rocks-tarmusic. Parents immigrant from lviv (Ukraine) in 1990 year and Nathan Singer from Boston

Photo of February 8

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Actress Carly Nahon, 27 years old from Los Angeles, and Israeli Itai Kritmaler, 23 years old from Holon. Student for computer science and work at Applied Materials

From right: Eli Rosen, 39 years old, work in hi-tech, know hebrew, and Jesse Rosen, 33 years old, film maker. Arrived from Chicago for a week.

Yves Trau from Tel Aviv

Nadia Auerbach, 48 years old from London, a housewife, came for a week. Parents from Lithuania

Roy and Sharona Arbeit from New York. Children in America and Israeli Raanana

From left: Sylvie Margoline, Patrick Kornberfg, 70 years old, and Annick Kornberfg.   Сame from Paris for a week

Hilit Glezer, 53 years old, social worker in E.S. Agensy in Tel Aviv

Volunteer from London

Luda Kupstautis Kushnir from Tel Aviv, works at the Dan Hotel

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