O. Goller. We started 2021!

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The new year has begun!

2020 IS OVER!

The days are passing by like screen shots of a new cartoon …Harry Bardeen, Walt Disney, Yuri Norstein, Eduard Uspensky – genius animators, could not imagine that the reality and the fast pace that time is going by in the twenty first century would swallow us in the stream of an era of the entire Corona planet.

In the news and elsewhere, there are alarming headlines about Los Angeles, catastrophe of the year.

We are aware but we continue to live. The sun shines during the day, the sky is bluer than our Israeli one and this is not an exaggeration or belittling of the winter beauty of our small country. If you go out during the day without sunglasses, your eyes will hurt from the sunlight, which is very strange to me. After all, I have been living in a similar climate for 30 years.

Large shopping centres are open, but there are very few people – it brings you to tears. Parking spaces are empty and people wander around with sad eyes. Even the friendly, and so unusual for the Israelis, smile of just about everyone passing by you, does not warm you up with its positivity.

Cafe chains are all open, but despite the fact that everything is delicious, the lack of people deprives you of appetite. Just two weeks ago we were sitting in a cafe at carefully spaced tables, and we could more or less have a snack or drink coffee, –  today not a single chair or table was open. My daughter and I just sat on the floor, on a tiled floor (fortunately it’s very clean here) and laid out cardboard boxes from sushi like gypsies. However, a polite mall officer came up to us and nicely explained that it is not allowed to eat in any place within the building. Once again, our sense of humor saved us.

Sushi on the floor

Madness of a new trend – masks from all brands of the world have created a new strain of fashion. Who of the great couturiers could have thought of such a fashion a year ago?!

a Mask

Where are we walking with big steps in fuchsia boots, which came straight out of the dancers of Moulin Rouge? Whether we will ever get to participate in our ball in these funny jackboots – it’s not easy to lose those, running away in a hurry from the clock strike at midnight, like Cinderella! I’d like to believe that we shall be at our ball, yes. To believe that our fairies will not let us down, as they surrounded Cinderella with love.

Pink boot

Or will we keep smiles on our half-faces and paint our life with new colors, cheerful patches of jeans from our youth?!

Jeans patches

Let’s close the past year with gratitude. We will open new and magical doors, step through them boldly, and continue our journey along the orbit of life. No matter how strange it sounds and with ironic pathos, we all, gentlemen, are passing through the change of eras. Between them, there are special doors that invite us into unrealizable dreams.

A mosaic door

As in the treatises on alchemists, childhood fairy tales will come to life, filled with love and turn from lead into gold, from huts to blue houses, from a crystal shoe to freedom with faith and fearlessness.

Blue house

Happy New Year 2021!

Olga Goller

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Published 14/01/2021  20:45