A response from Australia to the story of Igor Kanonik about the Minsk ghetto

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These are wartime documents from Australia.

Award list of Goberman Evel Davidovich for the Order of the Red Star  

Award list of Goberman Evel Davidovich for the Order of the Great Patriotic War of 1st degree

Award list of Goberman Evel Davidovich for the Order of the Great Patriotic War of 2nd degree

For much smaller achievements they gave a Heroe title in the Soviet Union.

But of course not to a Jew … And Evel Goberman was the political officer of the first tank battalion, which means always ahead.

At the front from the first day, he took Berlin. His commanders, the commander of the battalion Bulgakov, and the commander of the unit Konstantinov became Heroes of the Soviet Union.

Bulgakov presented Evel Goberman to the Order of the Red Banner, but Konstantinov rewrote it (you can see everything in the award list) to the Order of the Great Patriotic War of the 2nd degree (he already had a 1st degree).

The certificate of the injury of Goberman Evel Davidovich

Goberman Evel Davidovich. Front photo of  the year 1945

Goberman Evel Davidovich, born in 1906, in the army since 1939, member of the party since 1928, before the war he was married and had two sons, on the fronts of the World war 2 (in the Soviet Union -the Great Patriotic War) from the first day, from June 22, 1941.

A short comment from Igor Kanonik to the documents that were sent from Australia.

According to the russian security ministry archives, he went missing in December 1941. Evel Goberman did not knew that his wife Esther Ruvimovna with their two sons Vladimir and Felix managed to evacuate from Belarus to Sverdlovsk. He thought that they got into the ghetto like his parents and sisters …

Evel Goberman was seriously injured in January 1942, except for a serious injury, later
there were two more minor injuries.

As a political officer of the first tank battalion,  of the 20th tank brigade,
captain Evel Goberman fought very bravely, his achievements are described in the award
lists. As part of the 1st Belorussian Front, the 20th Tank Brigade participated in the assault of

But even earlier, in 1944, a front-line journalist came to Evel Goberman the
writer Ilya Ehrenburg. He had heard about the exploits and was given the task of writing a
newspaper article and make a radio short story, which soon sounded on Central radio.
Neighbors came to Evel’s wife and asked if this was her husband, about whom they spoke
on the radio. Esther immediately went to the Sverdlovsk military registration office, and like this they found each other…

In November 1945, Evel Goberman was sacked from the front due to illness.

Evel Goberman died in 1979, his buried in the Minsk Northern cemetery.

The interesting thing is that now the great-grandson of Evel Goberman, came from
Australia and serves in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Translation from the original by Igor Shustin

Published 07/05/2020 21:57