Exhibition Watec Israel 2017

WATEC Israel 2017 is a Conference and Exhibition, which took place in Tel Aviv from September 12 – 14, 2017

Watec Israel 2017 is a water technologies and environmental control International event. This amazing exhibition is held under one roof along with a comprehensive conference.

I present you an album from the exhibition.




Jenny Gelman @ Tal Cohen

Eli Amar, Integrated Security water systems

Pedro Lerner, Celepsa, Peru



Sung-Jin Park

Noah Grinstein, Idm, USA

Saar Brokman, Ayala Natural Biological Systems


Lesley Swanzy Essien                          Nii Adu Laryeva, ACARP, Ghana

Sam Konstantinov, SWAN


Can Deng, Power China                        Weinong Tian


Yehuda Glikman, Agrolan

Shahar Tal, Prizma Industries



Denis Pivovarov, Rosvodokanal





Udi Geismar, Takadu

Gasnier, Takadu


Gil Cordova, Stream conrol


Essel group, India


Itzik Fortkov, Arad group




Daniel Park, Singapore                        Avner Barak, Schneider electric


Domingo Perez, Azud

מלכה עמיאל, אקוואטק                               Efraim Goldstein, Tuval


Garry Chen, Jin capital, China

James D. Perry @ Jonathan Jakobi

James D. Perry & Jonathan Jacobi, Utilis

 comp. Utilis, James D. Perry

James D. Perry


Marina                                                    Irena Uretzki



Gabriella Maya, interpreter


Graciela Rozenfeld, Tahal Group


Limor Rathard, Ramim


dr. Gaya Loren, Hutchison Kinrot




P.S. If you find unsigned pictures and identify yourself or those who you know well, please send me details, so I will add the names. If you want to see additional pictures from the exhibition on my site, you are also welcome to send some. Besides, feel free to support the site, as well as the implementation of a large-scale international project in 2018.

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